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The VHS Preservation Society believes that you have the right to watch movies as they were originally presented and released on videotape. However, many of these movies are now out-of-print, and are unavailable for retail purchase in any format. VHSPS offers direct VHS-to-DVD transfers of many of the lost and forgotten films you remember renting from your local video store.

If you can buy an official release from a reputable retailer, we highly recommend that you do so. We believe that you should give your money to the people who own the films, because they deserve it for all the work that went into bringing them to you.

However, when the people who own the rights to release these films choose to not exercise those rights, we don’t think that you should be denied the opportunity to continue to view their films. That’s why we have decided to make available as many of these classic movies as we can.



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