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Scream Greats: Tom Savini
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Scream Greats: Tom Savini

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A documentary detailing the career of makeup artist Tom Savini, including clips from the various movies he's worked on. Whether or not your a fan of Tom Savini and / or Tom Savini's work, you will enjoy this video. It is a quick 90 minute look at the work and early life of Tom Savini and his contribution to the art of special effects and gore. It's safe to say that Scream Greats has done more for Tom Savini's career than Tom Savini's career. The video includes everything good about the 80's monster gore. It will last the test of time because it holds great so many wonderful moments from films such as Dawn of the Dead, Martin, Maniac, Day of the Dead, and more. Since the early 80's, nothing has effected the mainstream of motion pictures or the horror genre in Savini's career since the Golden Age of Special Effects in "Slasher Films" which Savini played a huge part in.

Release Date:
Run Time: 90 minutes
Rating: Unrated
Starring: Tom Savini, Ned Eisenberg, Robert Martin, Gregory Nicotero, Joseph Pilato, George A. Romero, Taso N. Stavrakis
Director: Damon Santostefano


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