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Sleazemania 3
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Sleazemania 3

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This compilation of 23 previews and four ads (including Fox Motor's Jalopy Night) moves from the lurid to the educational to the blue. It opens with its own witty trailer: "If you are under 18 you won't understand it and if you are past 60 you can't stand it!" Most are for pre-60s movies featuring male voice-overs and cue cards that ask, "How far can a girl go and remain decent?," or promise "Keyhole Intimacy." Several depict men abusing women while the narrator talks about seduction. A few women fight back. One promotes a performance film with an all-Black cast ("Woman's a Fool"). The previews for the more recent B movies show a lot of skin in Eastman color.

Release Date: 1985
Run Time: 60 minutes
Rating: Unrated
Starring: Johnny Legend
Director: Fred Olen Ray


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