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Beaks: The Movie
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Beaks: The Movie

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You don’t have a wing of a prayer
Vanessa, a television reporter covering a story of a farmer attacked by his chickens, discovers that this is not an isolated incident. Traveling to Spain with her cameraman Peter, the two discover the survivors of a town wiped out by the birds thirty years ago. Meanwhile, attacks continue as a child's birthday party ends in tragedy and doves devour a poultry farmer and his wife. Vanessa soon comes to the conclusion that the birds are organizing themselves against the ecological ravages of man, but time is running out as thousands of birds launch an attack against a train Vanessa is traveling on...

Release Date: 1987

Run Time: 86 minutes
Rating: R
Starring: Christopher Atkins, Michelle Johnson
Director: Rene Cardona
It’s a world where the birds have gone berserk!  Even  a canary can’t be trusted! In this unintentionally hilarious sci-fi yuckfest, a glamorous (and terminally pouty) TV reporter (Michelle Johnson) and her horny (and terminally vain) cameraman/boyfriend (Chris Atkins) travel the globe investigating vicious attacks by our fine-feathered friends. Unbelievable antics ensue as these “talons of terror” wreak havoc… and hilarity! The climax, where a flock of “killer pigeons” attack a trainload of tourists, is especially “choice.”  Movies don’t get much better than this!  It’s not for the birds… it’s for nonstop laughs!


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