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BenBeverly Hills Vamp

Beverly Hills Bodysnatchers
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Beverly Hills Bodysnatchers

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A doctor and a mortician have teamed up to do re-animation experiments on corpses using gangster money loaned for "remodeling." When they can't pay it back, the Mafia guy sends his nephews to work at the funeral home to keep a watch on the debtors, but the nephews end up helping in the search for new bodies, and mayhem ensues when some undesirable types are re-animated.

Release Date: 1989
Run Time: 85 minutes
Rating: R
Starring: Vic Tayback, Frank Gorshin, Brooke Bundy, Seth Jaffe, Art Metrano, Rodney Eastman, Allison Barron, Warren Selko, Keone Young
Director: Jonathan Mostow


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