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Bizarre Rituals: Dances Sacred and Profane
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Bizarre Rituals: Dances Sacred and Profane

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Bizarre Rituals looks into a shocking world where strange and grotesque practices are common occurrences. The film Dances Sacred and Profane explores weird, startling, and outrageous ceremonies involving self-mutilation, tattoos, and piercings. Travel from Mardi Gras in New Orleans to the underground of New York to witness unbelievable acts, testing the limits of human endurance. This unusual documentary also provides an in-depth look at the curious ways of the father of the modern primitives movement, Fakir Musar, including his Sun Dance ritual. A companion volume to Dances Sacred and Profane exists. It is Bizarre Rituals 2: Voodoo in Haiti.

Release Date: 1985
Run Time: 81 minutes
Rating: Unrated
Starring: Fakir Musafar, Jim Ward, Charles Gatewood
Directors: Dan Jury, Mark Jury


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