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Hollywood Boulevard
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Hollywood Boulevard

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Directors Joe Dante and Allan Arkush combined their talents to create this fast-paced spoof of B-movies. Candy Wednesday is a pretty, aspiring young actress who arrives at Miracle Pictures--a studio that cranks out low-budget films--to start her career in their new epic, MACHETE MAIDENS OF MANATAU. There, she quickly meets the company's wacky staff, including popular leading player Mary McQueen, who is jealous of the new crop of female talent. Then, somebody starts killing off the starlets one by one, leading to a breathtaking shoot-out atop the Hollywood sign, loaded with great stunts and comic sexual shenanigans. HOLLYWOOD BOULEVARD is an appealing and often shameless spoof of the schlock movie business and producer Roger Corman's B-movie factory, New World Pictures.      

Release Date: 1976
Run Time: 93 minutes
Rating: R
Starring: Candice Rialson, Mary Woronov, Rita George, Jonathan Kaplan, Jeffrey Kramer, Dick Miller, Paul Bartel, Charles B. Griffith, Richard Doran   
Directors: Joe Dante, Allan Arkush


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