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Ogre, The
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Ogre, The

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Virginia Bryant stars in this Lamberto Bava shocker as Cheryl, a young woman still plagued by childhood nightmares about a vicious ogre. Now a famous horror novelist, Cheryl has decided to travel with her family to a country villa to relax and begin work on her new book. However, when she arrives, Cheryl finds that the villa's castle seems to be an exact replica of the one inhabited by the ogre in her childhood nightmares. Cheryl's worst fears seem to be realized when some of the villa's vacationers go missing, prompting her to suspect an ogre really does haunt the castle. The terror reaches another level when Cheryl's young daughter is taken captive by the ogre she thought only lived in her mind and her books. AKA "Demons 3".         

Release Date: 1988
Run Time: 90 minutes
Rating: R
Starring: Virginia Bryant, Paolo Malco, David Flosey, Patrizio Vinci, Alice Di Giuseppe      
Director: Lamberto Bava


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