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I Was a Teenage Zombie
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I Was a Teenage Zombie

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This one-time 42nd Street midnight-movie favorite plays like a blackly comic blend of '50s cult-classic I Was a Teenage Werewolf and '80s horror satire Return of the Living Dead, set to an assortment of funky new-wave tunes by the likes of by Los Lobos, the Fleshtones, the Waitresses, Dream Syndicate, and Violent Femmes. The story involves a gang of high school delinquents who murder the slimeball drug dealer (Steve McCoy) who sold them a substandard bag of weed, disposing of his body in a river laced with nuclear waste from a nearby power plant. Before long, the putrid pusher slithers to the surface as a sickly green zombie, bent on slaying the teens who dunked him in the drink. As a desperate countermeasure, the kids steal the body of the zombie's first victim from the morgue and dump him in the same river, creating an undead ally to defend them.


Release Date: 1987

Run Time: 92 minutes

Rating: Unrated

Starring: Michael Rubin, Steve McCoy, Cassie Madden, Allen Rickman

Director: John E. Michalakis


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