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Return to Waterloo
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Return to Waterloo

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Ray Davies, leader of the group The Kinks and one of the most well-respected songwriters in the history of British rock, made his directorial debut with this film produced for British television. A man (played by Kenneth Colley) boards a commuter train and reads his newspaper, glancing at a story in which a man who looks just like him is wanted for a brutal rape. As the miles roll by, he wonders about the fate of his missing daughter (Dominique Barnes) and the sad state of his relationship with his wife (Valerie Holliman). He also banters with an attractive women (Gretchen Franklin) sitting nearby, watches a group of businessmen cheerfully singing about their careers, and observes a group of older people wondering what became of their lives and the world they once knew. Davies himself has a small role as a singer in a tube station (he wrote several original songs for the project). Also, keep an eye peeled for Tim Roth in a small role as a punk rocker.

Release Date: 1985

Run Time: 95 minutes

Rating: PG-13

Starring: Ray Davies, Gretchen Franklin, Tim Roth

Director: Ray Davies


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