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Angel 3: The Final Chapter
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Angel 3: The Final Chapter

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This beauty will blow you away.
Molly is now a freelance photographer in New York. She runs across a woman at an art show that looks familiar. She goes to L.A. to find out that this woman is in fact, her mother. She also finds out she has a sister. The reunion is short-lived when her mother calls her to tell her that her sister is in danger and later, gets killed in an explosion. Molly must once again, become Angel to try and find her sister.
Release Date: 1988
Run Time: 100 minutes
Rating: R
Starring: Maud Adams, Mitzi Kapture, Richard Roundtree, Mark Blankfield, Kin Shriner, Tawny (Ellis) Fere, Toni Basil
Director: Tom De Simone

You may be able to take Angel out of the streets, but you can’t take the streets out of Angel. Dress her up, give her high-paying job assignments, carpet her apartment, but deep down inside is a bird just waiting to have her feathers ruffled. And when that happens… WATCH OUT.  She’s still as driven. Still as cunning. And she still packs a .38 that refuses to take no for an answer.


Angel returns to the street in an effort to find her missing sister. And while undercover, discovers that a high-powered madame (Maude Adams) is running a white slavery ring with a man named Mahajaan. When Angel discovers that her sister is in their hands and is due to be sold, she races desperately to unravel the intricate workings of the slavery network.


The clock is ticking, the slavers smell a rat, and the madame is “liquidating” her stock. The stage is set for the furious and action-packed conclusion to ANGEL III.


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