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Angel 4: Undercover
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Angel 4: Undercover

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Executive by day
Hooker by night
From the boardroom to the bedroom
Molly is now a police photographer in a relationship with a DJ. Her old friend from the streets gets in touch with her. She's in town with a band and hot for the lead singer. Her friend gets murdered and Molly turns up at the scene to photograph the body. So, Molly again assumes the identity of Angel and hits the club scene to search for the killer - this time as a groupie rather than a prostitute.
Release Date: 1988
Run Time: 100 minutes
Rating: R
Starring: Maud Adams, Mitzi Kapture, Richard Roundtree, Mark Blankfield, Kin Shriner, Tawny (Ellis) Fere, Toni Basil
Director: Tom De Simone
Angel, the high school student by day/hooker by night, has grown into a smart successful career woman. A prostitute is brutally murdered. The police dismiss it as “just another dead whore.”  Now Angel must take to the streets of Hollywood once again, seeking justice, using a weapon as deadly as any gun… her own body.


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