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Arise!: The Subgenious Video
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Arise!: The Subgenious Video

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As seen on TV (VCR required)
Your kind shall triumph!
A brain-crushing collage of music and video presented in the form of a religious recruitment video. The topics covered (in deadpan narration) are basic psychology, the origin of the human race, spiritualism, religious dogma, UFO's, the end of the world.
Do not attempt to flip the tape when you reach the end of side one, no matter what you are told by later instructions on the tape. There is no side two. However, if you do discover one, don't look at it.
Release Date: 1989
Run Time: 80 minutes
Rating: Unrated
Starring: J.R. "Bob" Dobbs, Dr. Howl (Hal Robins)
Directors: Cordt Holland, Reverend Ivan Stang


Get even with everyone you hate, simply by watching this tape!


Unbelievable! Vulgar & gross, yet exquisitely moving… erupting with raw realism, yet uplifting and inspirational. It might even give you a chuckle…




SEE the erotic life and gory death of swinging Sex God “Bob” Dobbs as they actually happened.

SEE Deadly, mind-altering alien sex rituals of the weirdest cult on Earth!

SEE Mutated SubGenius terrorists exact revenge on “The Normals” – with help from outer space!

LEARN the secrets of a blasphemous conspiracy which threatens to destroy all human society as we know it.

HEAR Music videos from Dimension Zero – the ones they don’t want you to see!


FINALLY – THE SLACK GOSPEL OF “BOB” IS AVAILABLE EVEN TO ILLITERATES! Anyone with a truly sick sense of humor will be enthralled, even hypnotized by this eyeball-slamming breakthrough video from the twisted but acclaimed minds who brought you “Bob” Dobbs’ Church of the SubGenius books and radio broadcasts. You’ll be left either speechless, hopping mad, weeping, or laughing uncontrollably as your disgust is unleashed against everything that has ever forced you to act normal. The skull-reaming complexity is alternately demented, thought-provoking, depressing, arousing, insulting, childish, but ultimately enlightening.


The seductive message of SLACK is illustrated through scenes of frenzied tent-show revival preaching, grisly head launchings, psychedelic computer animation, and, above all, the most intense collage of video clips ever inflicted on any species.


Propaganda Weapon? The most outrageous put-on in history or the most dangerous cult on Earth?? Or BOTH?? Judge for yourself. Far too dangerous to be popular.



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