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Beverly Hills Vamp
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Beverly Hills Vamp

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“A comedy with a bite”


All she wanted was a man she could call her own… forever!

Eddie Deezen is an affable dork and wannabe Hollywood hot-shot who discovers that a high-market bordello -- overseen by slinky Madam Cassandra (Britt Ekland) -- is actually a den of lascivious vampire bimbos from hell. Though his companions are easily lured by the ladies' deadly charms, Deezen takes a definite liking to his self-proclaimed title of Vampire Hunter, even going as far as to sew a crucifix into his skivvies.

Release Date: 1988
Run Time: 88 minutes
Rating: R
Starring: Britt Ekland, Eddie Deezen, Debra Lamb, Michelle (McClellan) Bauer, Jillian Kesner, Tom Shell, Brigitte Burdine, Tim Conway Jr.
Director: Fred Olen Ray


Madame Cassandra (Britt Eklund) has a beauty secret: a few ounces of fresh blood once a night and plenty of sleep every day. She’s a Beverly Hills vampire, a madame with a coven of similarly inclined and utterly uninhibited lovelies. Her house is an upscale mansion and in this hilarious comedy, it is visited by three novice film-makers who have come to Los Angeles for fortune and fame. One of them escapes and must return to rescue his now unwilling buddies. A comedy with bite and a satire that goes for the throat, Beverly Hills Vamp sends up Hollywood and itself with antic wit and infectious good humor.


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