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Beyond Evil
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Beyond Evil

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A terrifying story of love and possession

Middle-aged newlyweds Larry (John Saxon) and Barbara (Lynda Day George) spend their honeymoon at a palatial Caribbean mansion, unaware that it is inhabited by the vengeful spirit of a notorious voodoo witch queen who was murdered a century ago. The woman's evil spirit promptly begins precipitating a variety of violent deaths in accordance with a diabolical ritual intended to bring her back to life -- a process which is ultimately consummated by taking possession of George's body.

Release Date: 1980
Run Time: 98 minutes
Rating: R
John Saxon, Lynda Day George, Michael Dante, Mario Milano
Director: Herb Freed


New to the island, honeymooners Barbara (Lynda Day George) and Larry (John Saxon) Andrews fall in love with the spacious colonial mansion, a gift from their friend Del. Scoffing at the haunted house stories that surround Casa Fortuna, the Andrews move in. All they have to do is stay alive.


Although the natives won’t go near the house, Barbara and Larry find they aren’t alone. The fiendish spirit of 100 year-old Alma Martin makes her presence known. Murdered by her carousing husband, Alma immediately avenged her death by returning from the grave to strangle Esteban, twisting his head backwards on his lifeless body.


Now, two centuries after her death, she reappears. Angry at the intrusion of her privacy, Alma inhabits Barbara’s body, causing a series of near-fatal accidents and horrifying deaths. Alma’s reign of terror progresses until the Andrews’ are propelled “beyond evil” Can anything save them?


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