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American Commandos
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American Commandos

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Rage for Justice

An ex-Green Beret slaughters the junkies who killed his son and raped his wife, and then joins his old buddies for a secret, Rambo-esque mission in Vietnam providing a tired rehash of Vietnam movie cliches.

Release Date: 1984
Run Time: 96 minutes
Rating: R
Starring: Chris Mitchum, John Phillip Law, Franco Guerrero
Director: Bobby Suarez

All the fiery action of Rambo… all the vengeance of Death Wish come raging together in American Commando. Robert Mitchum’s son Christopher Mitchum and John Phillip Law (Tarzan the Ape Man) star as wartime buddies brought back together for a new kind of war.


Dean Mitchell (Mitchum), and ex-Green Beret, accidentally kills a dope pusher. When word hits the street, a ruthless gang of junkies raid’s Mitchell’s home – they kill his son and rape his wife. The police have no clues but Mitchell stalks down the junkies one by one and kills them. The Federal Government has been watching Mitchell—they realize he is the perfect man for their secret mission in the Far East. Mitchell rounds up his old Vietnam platoon and together they return to Vietnam—this time for a different battle—a war on drugs!


When you want fast action and ultimate revenge—get American Commandos.


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