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Last Horror Film, TheLauderdale

Last House on Dead End Street
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Last House on Dead End Street

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This notorious exercise in low-budget gore is poorly edited and photographed, but its catalogue of horrors and a genuinely nasty tone make it worthwhile for fans of sick cinema. Vowing revenge on the society which put him behind bars, Terry Hawkins (Steven Morrison) begins making pornographic films for a group of rich decadents, who watch them at orgies. When the jaded Steve (Alex Kregar) complains of boredom, he is kidnapped by Hawkins and his Charles Manson-like gang.

Release Date: 1977
Run Time: 90 minutes
Rating: R
Starring: Steven Morrison, Dennis Crawford, Lawrence Bornman, Janet Sorley
Director:  Victor Janos a.k.a. Roger Watkins



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