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AWA: Sgt Slaughter & Co.Band Of The Hand

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“Not since Deliverance has a film been so terrifying.”

Deep in the Backwoods the darkness can kill.

Two campers wish they had never encountered a mountain man when he begins to stalk them with murder in mind.

Release Date: 1987 Run Time: 90 minutes Rating: R
Starring:  Jack O'Hara, Dick Kreusser, Brad Armacot
Director: Dean Crow

It’s a trip of terror when two campers cross paths with a reclusive mountain man named Eben. In the days that follow, the couple is slowly drawn into Eben’s dark and troubled world—a world of memories and a secret too hideous to reveal. Intrigued by the mystery, Jamie and Karen wander through the thick woods, gradually coming to realize that someone, slowly and relentlessly, is stalking them.


Backwoods is a story of terror and the quest for survival when the odds are low. It’s a power-packed story of what loneliness and despair can do to a human being. A desperate, eerie tale, Backwoods packs a wallop of an adventure.


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