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Ghoulies 3
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Ghoulies 3

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Ghoulies Go to College
The title critters are mini-demons summoned forth from a demonic chamber pot (seriously!) by the occult-obsessed Dean of Glazier University. However, the ancient vessel is currently being used by the Beta Theta Zeta fraternity for a more practical purpose. The ghoulies eventually cut loose on campus, and the surrounding frat-boy bacchanalia seems to have made them even more obnoxious than usual. The creatures' Satanic antics are first thought to be creative Hell Week pranks, but they are eventually discovered and defeated by the nominal hero and heroine. One of Vestron's last productions before the company went belly-up.

Release Date: 1991
Run Time: 94 minutes
Rating: R
Starring: Kevin McCarthy, Griffin O'Neal, Evan Mackenzie
Director: John Carl Buechler


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