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Mania: Episodes in Terror
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Mania: Episodes in Terror

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Mania is an "omnibus" film courtesy of Canadian director Paul Lynch. If you haven't heard of Lynch, you might be familiar with some of his films: Prom Night, Bullies, Humongous. This 1986 effort is a TV-style horror anthology (very likely intended for small screen) concerning four horror/thriller stories each with a twist in the end, united by a gritty urban setting. The stories are titled "See No Evil", "The Intruder", "Have a Nice Day" and "The Good Samaritan". The cast of Mania is comprised of Canadian actors who are best known in the U.S. for their voice-over contributions to Saturday morning cartoon shows.

Release Date: 1986
Run Time: 87 minutes
Rating:  Unrated
Starring: Deborah Grover, Stephen B. Hunter, Lenora Zenn, Wayne Robson
Directors: Paul Lynch, David M. Robertson, John Sheppard


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