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NightfallNightlife (1989)

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A scientific exploration team bound for the planet Volcryn encounter an evil spaceship helmed by the villainous Jon Winderman (Michael Des Barres), who resembles a composite parody of heavy metal rockers. Not so far fetched an idea -- as in real life, Des Barres took the place of lead singer Robert Palmer in the short-lived 1980s rock group Power Station. He is probably most famous for being the husband of Pamela Des Barres, author of the tell-all groupie expose I'm With The Band. Michael Des Barres's film career began with To Sir, With Love in 1967. He also has been a songwriter and television actor.

Release Date: 1987
Run Time: 88 minutes
Rating: R
Starring: Michael Praed, Michael Des Barres, Catherine Mary Stewart, John Standing, Lisa Blount
Director: T.C. Blake


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