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Rock & Roll Wrestling Music Television
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Rock & Roll Wrestling Music Television

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A group of crazed wrestlers and their maniacal manager invade the sanctity of a laid-back cable rock video station and replace the easy listening programming with an incredible barrage of wrestling rock videos and bloody ring highlights from the greatest matches of all time.


1980s Jimmy Valiant video "714"

1980s Adrian Street video "I'm So in Love with Me"

1980s Bruiser Brody video "White Lightning"

1980s Harley Davidson (Hillbilly Jim) video "Robert E. Lee Broke His Musket on His Knee"

1980s Rock-n-Roll Express video "Teenage Rock-n-Roll Riot"

1980s The Fabulous Ones video "Go Fabs Go"

1980s Randy Savage video "Rock Warriors"

1980s Jos LeDuc video "I Wanna Fight"

1980s The Moondogs video "Moondog Blues"

1980s Kamala vignette

1980s "Grunt! The Wrestling Movie" trailer

1980s "Wrestlers Just Wanna Bust Heads" video

Release Date: 1985
Run Time: 60 minutes
Rating: Unrated
Director: Johnny Legend


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