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Instant Karma
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Instant Karma

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Sheffer plays a charmless, self-doubting writer-producer of a shlock prime time hit TV show called "Rock and Roll P.I.", who is having great difficulty finding the right woman after his ex-fiancee leaves him for a woman. Though he drives a cool car and lives in a nice ocean-side home, he is supremely unhappy over how his show has been turned into junk by network executives and the show's temperamental, coke snorting star, David Cassidy. To make matters worse, he is being investigated by the I.R.S. concerning years of apparently unpaid income tax. He is also preoccupied with an angelic, beautiful actress guesting on one of the shows and struggles throughout the rest of the movie to make a good impression on her.


Release Date: 1990
Run Time: 94 minutes
Rating:  R
Starring:  Craig Sheffer, Chelsea Noble, David Cassidy, Alan Blumenfeld, Glen Hirsch, Marty Ingels, Orson Bean

Director: Roderick Taylor


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