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Supersonic ManSurf II

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Originally filmed in 1981 as The Witch and shelved for four years, Superstition experienced a mild midnight-movie revival in the wake of The Evil Dead's success. The ghastly goings-on begin when a clergyman (Larry Pennell) and his family move into an eerie mansion built near the lake where a powerful local witch was drowned four centuries earlier. It soon becomes evident that the spirit of this evil sorceress, whose powers have increased exponentially after her death, is not content with conducting the standard haunted-house scare tactics, and the bodies begin to pile up at an incredible rate.  When a homicide detective (Albert Salmi) and a minister (James Carl Houghton) discover the cause of the macabre mayhem, they prepare to conduct an exorcism, much to their own peril.

Release Date: 1982
Run Time: 85 minutes
Rating: Unrated
Starring: James Houghton, Albert Salmi, Lynn Carlin
Director: James Robertson


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