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Beach Girls, The
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Beach Girls, The

Price: $15.00


Three voluptuous coeds intend to re-educate a bookish young man and the owner of a beach house.


Run Time: 91 minutes
Rating: R


Starring: Debra Blee, Val Kline, Jeana Tomasina, Adam Roarke, Paul Richards

Director: Patrice Townsen



School’s out and surf’s up, and what better place for a rip-roaring-adventure, summer than a luxurious beach house in Malibu? That’s the setting for this riotous and raucous comedy, which begins as a relaxing summer vacation and finishes as a no-holds barred endless beach party romp. In between, there are adventures both tantalizing and triumphant as three voluptuous co-eds contribute to the education of a college student and the unsuspecting owner of the beach house. It’s fun in the sun—and the moon—for everyone!


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