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Blood Beach
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Blood Beach

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Sun-worshiping Californians are disappearing by the droves at a popular beach hangout, and a pair of extremely gruff detectives (John Saxon and Burt Young) grumble their way through the case until the real culprit is discovered... it seems a giant burrowing sand-monster with a taste for well-tanned human flesh has set up house beneath the surface and has been partaking of beach bums and bunnies, sucking them down to a nasty death.  

Release Date: 1981
Run Time: 92 minutes
Rating: R
Starring: David Huffman, Marianna Hill, John Saxon, Burt Young, Otis Young, Pamela McMyler, Bobby Bass, Darrell Fetty, Stefan Gierasch, Harriet Medin, Lynn(e) Marta, Mary Jo Catlett                    
Director: Jeffrey Bloom


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