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3 Way Weekend
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3 Way Weekend

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Out of School… Out in the woods… Outta sight!
Two young girls set off on a back-packing trip through the mountains of Southern California to enjoy camping and romance.
Release Date: 1981
Run Time: 78 minutes
Rating: R
Starring: Dan Diego, Jody Lee Olhava, Richard Blye, Blake Parrish
Director: Emmett Alston
Three-Way Weekend is a raunchy, rowdy testimony to the big lie – boys want it but girls don’t. These kids really know how to enjoy the wilderness. Exploring Mother Nature takes an uproariously sexy turn in this delightful contemporary comedy about youth, sex, dope, and going to extremes.

Veronica and Mindy are young, beautiful, and fed-up with the pressures of exams and city living. Donning backpacks and hiking boots, they set out for a weekend in the mountains, but 24 hours without attention from the opposite sex has these foxy ladies climbing the trees. Starved for male companionship, they scour the forest in search of fulfillment.

Enter our hero, Howard Creep, a sex-hungry college dropout who has been alone in the redwoods too long. Finding two nubile women on the trail really makes his day.

Poor communication on both sides creates a hilarious situation where everybody wants, but nobody gets until the combination of youth, perseverance and great grass finally carry the day. All’s well that ends well… sex was never funnier, and nature was never better.


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