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Throne of Fire, TheThunder Warrior

Thunder Alley
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Thunder Alley

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Donnie (Scott McGinnis) has started a band and wants his friend Richie (Roger Wilson) to join and help them put together a winning sound. Richie overcomes his dislike of one of the group members, starts playing with them, and soon they are on the way to stardom. But their sleazy manager has been getting Donnie hooked on drugs, and when an overdose kills the young bandleader, Richie is devastated. His girlfriend Beth is there for him, but for the rest of the band, their grief takes on a violent edge as they begin to connive to avenge Donnie's death.


Release Date: 1985

Run Time: 102 minutes

Starring: Roger Wilson, Leif Garrett, Jill Schoelen, Clancy Brown, Scott McGinnis, Cynthia Eilbacher, Phil Brock

Director: J.S. Cardone


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