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Trick or Treats
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Trick or Treats

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First, a crazed and fighting Malcolm (Peter Jason) is hauled off to an asylum by two men just that much tougher than he is, and then this film jumps ahead several years to Halloween at Malcolm's old home. His wife, Joan (Carrie Snodgress), and her live-in lover, Richard (David Carradine), are about to go out, while son Christopher (Chris Graver) stays home with Linda (Jackelyn Giroux), a soon-to-be unhappy babysitter. When Linda and Christopher are alone, the chubby little devil decides to play endless practical jokes on the poor woman: he "chops" his finger off, he "kills" himself, and commits all sorts of make-believe mayhem until she sits him down and tells him the story of the hapless boy who cried wolf just a bit too often. Meanwhile, dressed as a nurse, the crazy Malcolm has managed to escape from his confinement in the asylum, and as he makes his way through the streets in drag (it is Halloween, who's to notice?) he finally arrives at his former house, lusting for vengeance, just when little Christopher's pranks are reaching their worst.


Release Date: 1982

Run Time: 90 minutes

Rating: R - Restricted

Starring: Carrie Snodgress, David Carradine, Jackie Giroux, Steve Railsback, Peter Jason, Jillian Kesner, Paul Bartel, Chris Graver

Director: Gary Graver


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