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Act of Vengeance
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Act of Vengeance

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AKA: Rape Squad

Female victims unite to become hunters in this taut psycho-thriller!

A group of five women learn martial arts and team up to avenge their violations by a rapist who forced them to sing Jingle Bells while molesting them.

Release Date: 1974

Run Time: 90 minutes

Rating: R

Starring: Jo Ann Harris, Peter Brown, Jennifer Lee, Lisa Moore, Connie Strickland, Pat Estrin

Director: Bob Kelljan



A maniac on the loose is brutalizing and raping women in their quiet suburban town. No one can stop him-- not even the police.  It is up to the vengeful victims of this maniac to form a "rape squad" on their own.

Organized and able to protect themselves, the women go after this psychopath. Now it is the rapist's turn to be hunted.

But can these women outsmart this cunning psychopath? The suspense builds in this taut thriller.


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