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AngelAngel 3: The Final Chapter

Angel 2: Avenging Angel
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Angel 2: Avenging Angel

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Her all new Hollywood adventure.

It’s 4 years later.

She’s graduating college.
The cop who got her off the street has been murdered.

Angel’s back... with a vengeance!
Molly, former baby prostitute "Angel" from Sunset Boulevard, has managed to leave her street life with help of Lt. Andrews. She studies law at an university and aims to become attorney. When she learns that Andrews was shot during a failed observation by brutal gangsters, she returns downtown to take revenge. She frees Kit Carson from the old people's home and together with the other old friends she tracks down the bad guys.
Release Date: 1985
Run Time: 94 minutes
Rating: R
Betsy Russell, Rory Calhoun, Susan Tyrrell, Ossie Davis, Barry Pearl, Ross Hagen, Karin Mani, Robert Tessier
Director: Robert Vincent O'Neil
Four years have passed since Lt. Andrews transformed Molly Stewart (Betsy Russell) from the teenage hooker, “Angel”, into an aspiring and ambitious law student. But Molly’s new world is suddenly shattered when Andrews is ruthlessly gunned down by professional gangland hit men.

To avenge her guardian’s murder, Molly returns to the neon glow and deserted back alleys of Hollywood as “Angel”— but this time she’s packing a temper as short as her skirts and a .357 magnum as cold and black as her leathers. Angel quickly enlists the aid of former friends Solly Mosler (Susan Tyrell) and Kit Carson (Rory Calhoun), the eccentric street cowboy.  Together, they play a deadly game of cat and mouse with the mob-dodging ambushes, eluding capture, and finally coming face to face with Andrews’ killer. In a dark and deserted shell of a building he will find out that this “Angel” has been pushed too far… this “Angel” has shed her wings and halo… this “Angel” is a vengeful Devil in Disguise. Released theatrically in 1985.


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