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Basic Training
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Basic Training

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From the makers of Heavenly Bodies


The Army put them through Hell… so they found a little Heaven!

First shot as "Up the Pentagon," this comedy is about a sexy worker who shuns the quick-handed advances of her Pentagon boss and gets fired. To pay him back for her unjust dismissal, she and two other gals manipulate their way back into Pentagon jobs and go about setting up a bunch of top-level male lechers for early unscheduled retirements.
Release Date: 1986
Run Time: 85 minutes
Rating: R
Ann Dusenberry, Rhonda Shear, Angela Aames, Walter Gotell
Director: Andrew Sugarman

You can do it in the Army!



Move over STRIPES! Here comes a hilarious salute to the hijinks and sexual pranks of the Army and the “sacred” Pentagon!


Melinda is a small town gal with a mission. She plans to clean up the mess in government any way she can. So she leaves home for Washington, DC and moves into a posh Capitol Hill apartment with friends Debbie and Cheryl. But what awaits Melinda at the Pentagon is far from Army protocol… or is it? Melinda quickly learns the three “F’s”—Flirting, Foreplay, and Fun!


You can do it in the Army – and Basic Training will show you how to serve your country best!


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