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Beastmaster 2
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Beastmaster 2

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Through the Portal of Time


An awesome hero. An invincible villain. Time travel to a distant world. It’s gonna be a wild weekend.

Marc Singer plays Dar, whose main claim to fame is his ability to communicate with a wide array of animal friends. Dar is informed that his evil brother Arklon (Wings Hauser) has nefarious designs on the universe. Arklon has teamed up with Lyranna (Sarah Douglas), a sexy witch who cracks wise in Valley Girl vernacular, a parlance picked up during her travels through the portal of time to a netherworld called L.A. Arklon has to find a quick way to decimate the universe, so Arklon and Lyranna travel through the portal to steal a neutron detonator from a military base close to Los Angeles. Dar and Southern California teen Jackie Trent (Kari Wuhrer) -- who had gotten stuck in the portal and ended up in Togaland -- pursue Arklon and Lyranna as they make their way through the time hole to Los Angeles.

Release Date: 1991
Run Time: 107 minutes
Rating: PG
Marc Singer, Kari Wuhrer, Sarah Douglas, Wings Hauser, James Avery, Arthur Malet, Robert Z'Dar, Michael Berryman, Robert Fieldsteel
Director: Sylvio Tabet

The long-awaited sequel to the original Beastmaster.


Get ready for a rousing adventure with Dar the mighty Beastmaster. (Marc Singer) and his courageous critters Podo and Kodo the ferrets, Ruh the tiger, and Sherak the eagle, as they take the fight against evil to a totally new dimension in this epic sequel to the action-packed fantasy classic.


The Beastmaster’s arch-enemy Arklon has discovered a magical gateway to a truly alien land—ultra-modern L.A. – and Dar and his heroic band must follow the evil warlord across time to stop him from stealing a nuclear detonator with which he plans to take control of the world! Combining their ancient powers with the 20th century smarts of teen Jackie Trent (MTV VJ Kari Wuhrer), these otherworldly warriors risk a bounty of high-octane chases and challenges in their adrenalin rush to thwart Arklon’s sinister mission. And as the nuclear timer ticks, the Beastmaster’s battle to save the mystical past and the hi-tech present from a very shaky future becomes the universe’s most explosive fight to the finish ever. Find out what the fate of the world will be when you take a mystical, magical trip through time that’s a blast for the whole family!



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