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Beastmaster 3

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The Eye of Braxis



Dar the Beastmaster (Singer) returns to battle evil. Lord Agon (Warner) needs to obtain a jeweled eye that will bring the demon Braxus back to life--and he'll stop at nothing, including kidnapping Dar's brother King Tal (Van Dien), to reach his terrifying goal. But Dar isn't alone--he's got the bewitching sorceress Morgana (Down), tempting warrioress Shada (Hess), and loyal advisor Seth (Todd) to help him out.

Release Date: 1995
Run Time: 92 minutes
Rating: PG
Marc Singer, David Warner, Lesley-Anne Down, Tony Todd, Keith Coulouris, Sandra Hess, Patrick Kilpatrick, Casper Van Dien
Director: Gabrielle Beaumont

In a time of barbarism, magic, and lusty adventure, Dar the Beastmaster (Marc Singer) must prevent the ruthless sorcerer Lord Agon (David Warner) from obtaining a jeweled “eye” that will bring the demon-god Braxus back to life. In his quest to harness Braxus’ awesome power, Agon will stop at nothing – including blood sacrifice, full-scale destruction – and kidnapping Dar’s brother, King Tal (Caspar Van Dien).


Armed with strength, cunning, and broadsword, and accompanied by his faithful beasts and Tal’s loyal advisor, Seth (Tony Todd), Dar sets off to rescue his brother and meet Agon in mortal combat. Aided by the charms and wiles of the warrior temptress Shada (Sandra Hess) and the voluptuous witch Morgana (Lesley-Anne Down). Dar will come face-to-face, blade-to-blade, with unspeakable evil. Rife with wild action, bold thrills and dazzling special effects, Beastmaster III: The Eye of Braxus delivers untamed adventure!



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