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Attack of the Killer Refrigerator
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Attack of the Killer Refrigerator

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“Oh no, I just hate cold cuts!!”
"Attack of the Killer Refrigerator" is the story about a group of teenagers who get drunk and abuse a hapless refrigerator. The machine then goes on a killing rampage, eating the ones who beat him up.

"The Hook of Woodland Heights" brings the old campfire tale of the man with the hooked hand to the screen. An escaped mental patient, who is missing a hand, uses a large barbecue fork in its place and proceeds to kill off the local teenagers.

Release Date: 1990
Run Time: 55 minutes
Rating: Unrated
Starring: Lori Regonini, Christina Murphy, Lori Carson, Mark Veau, Michael Savino
Director: Michael Savino

You think you’ve seen every off-beat horror movie ever made?? Well think again!! You’ve seen people hacked and hammered, sliced and diced, beaten and beheaded. Well, you get the picture.


But wait…You’re not going to believe this!! A mild-mannered kitchen appliance goes wacko?? Yes, it’s ATTACK OF THE KILLER REFRIGERATOR!


See a maniacal, menacing, underappreciated and overworked fridge get revenge one night after being mercilessly abused during a bizarre party. Two college students and their beautiful dates are savagely murdered and ferociously fridgerated.


So, be safe and go and give your “friendly” fridge a hug or at least a good cleaning. If you get cold feet after watching our movie, don’t worry, OUR fridge can turn your cold feet, your cold shoulder, your cold heart, your cool head into COLD CUTS.


Meet the fridge that will keep you cold!!! Dead cold!!!!!


Also stay tuned for the grizzly, half-baked Hook of Woodland Heights. Watch Mason Crane, a one-handed, deranged metal patient brutally murder his two caretaking orderlies to escape.


Watch as Master Chef Mason cooks up some murder and mayhem with a BBQ fork!!! Needless to say Mason never learned proper table manners. Mason Crane…the perfect guest for Thanksgiving dinner. Carving is his specialty.


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