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Blue MonkeyBody Parts (1991)

Boarding House
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Boarding House

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Shot-on-video splatter epic centers on a suburban home with a gory past, purchased by a swinging psychic hedonist with a fascination for the occult who immediately turns the place into a decadent all-girl boarding house. No sooner do his nubile tenants begin stripping down for the pool, shower, or bed before a black-clad interloper begins chopping, stabbing, gouging and sawing them to bits. This sex and gore fiesta throws an amazing amount of stage blood and sheep intestines at the viewer, and features an amusing, William Castle-type gimmick effect (described in an appropriately spooky intro voiceover as "Horrorvision") which flashes multicolored lights whenever a gory scene is about to take place.

Release Date: 1983
Run Time: 90 minutes
Rating: R
Starring: Hank Adly, Kalassu, Alexandra Day
Director: John Wintergate


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