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Gore-met: Zombie Chef from Hell
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Gore-met: Zombie Chef from Hell

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Clearly inspired by Herschel Gordon Lewis's seminal splatter opus Blood Feast, this sleazy direct-to-video mess involves 14th-century priest Goza (Theo Dupuay), whose pact with the Devil grants him immortality and curses him with a constant craving for human flesh. As in Lewis's film, our cannibal poses as a restaurateur -- in this case the proprietor of a beachfront delicatessen, where the catch of the day isn't always seafood. Filled with unconvincing but enthusiastic gore effects, this seedy little item pays due homage to Lewis' outrageous oeuvre by reveling in its own tastelessness.

Release Date: 1987
Run Time: 90 minutes
Rating:  Unrated
Starring: Theo Depuay, Kelley Kunicki, C.W. Casey, Alan Marx, Michael O'Neill
Director:  Don Swan


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