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Amazing Colossal ManAmbassador, The

Amazing Colossal Man: MST3K:
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Amazing Colossal Man: MST3K:

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First shown: 8/3/91

Opening: Crow and Tom Servo hide out in their super-secret cardboard fort

Invention exchange: The TV’s Frank and Dr. Forrester have created a plant that reviews music; Joel shows off his idea for non-permanent tattoos

Host segment 1: Joel helps the bots learn the right thing to say to the relative of a horribly disfigured nuclear accident victim

Host segment 2: Joel agonizes about being a 50-foot man

Host segment 3: The bots wonder what they’d ask Glen, then he visits.

End: Joel and the bots suggest other things Glen could’ve done, Joel reads letters, Dr. F. has a giant hypo

Stinger: Glen laughing ’til it hurts


While overseeing the atomic tests in the Nevada desert, Army colonel Glenn Manning (Glenn Langan) is exposed to extensive amounts of radiation. As a result, Manning grows, and grows, and grows, at the rate of ten feet per day. This sudden height gain adversely affects the poor man's mind, and soon he's as mad as a hatter. Looking, for all the world, like Mr. Clean in a diaper, the Colossal Man goes on a murderous rampage, laying waste to numerous landmarks.

Release Date: 1957
Run Time: 97 minutes
Rating: Unrated
Starring: Glenn Langan, Cathy Downs, William (Bill) Hudson, James Seay, Russ Bender, Lyn Osborn, Frank Jenks, Hank Patterson
Director: Bert I. Gordon


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