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Blackout (1978)
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Blackout (1978)

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When the lights go out… the terror begins!
Four psychotic killers on a rampage…tonight everybody’s a victim!
Four killers terrorize an office building during the 1977 New York electrical blackout. Soon the police enter, confront them, and the fun starts. Comic touches provide some relief from the violence here
Release Date: 1978
Run Time: 86 minutes
Rating: R
Starring: Jim Mitchum, Robert Carradine, Ray Milland, June Allyson, Jean-Pierre Aumont, Belinda J. Montgomery
Director: Eddy Matalon
During an intense electrical storm the lights go out in New York City and four psychotic killers are on the loose! Eddy, whose rampaging lust leaves no woman safe; Chico, with his fascination for knives and fire; Marcus, whose shy manner masks a hair-trigger temper, and Christie, their leader, whose twisted political sense will justify bombing and bloodshed. Searching for money and victims to satisfy their depraved appetites, they ambush a highrise and create deadly havoc.
Jim Mitchum and Robert Carradine star in this edge-of-your seat suspense/thriller. Down the dark hallways…behind the quiet never know whos’s waiting…for you!


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