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Grampa's Sci-Fi Hits
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Grampa's Sci-Fi Hits

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A compilation of trailers and previews from various sci-fi films, hosted by Al Lewis in his character of Grampa, from the TV series "The Munsters."
Grampa's 28 Original Coming Attractions: Flash Gordon (1936); Flash Gordon's Trip To Mars; Flash Gordon (1980); Godzilla; Destroy All Monsters; King Kong; Alien; Barbarella; Rocky Horror Picture Show; Dr. Goldfoot And His Girl Bombs; Buck Rogers; Omega Man; Farenheit 451; The Blob; 30 Ft. Bride Of Candy Rock; Village Of The Giants; The Amazing Colossal Man; Godzilla vs. Megalon; Ghidra, The Three Headed Monster; Varan, The Unbelieveable; Reptilicus; Atragon; Creation Of The Humanoids; Battle Of The Worlds; Earth vs. The Flying Saucers; This Island Earth; The Day The Earth Stood Still; Lost World.

Release Date: 1989
Run Time: 65 minutes
Rating:  Unrated
Stars: Al Lewis


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