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Fists of Blood
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Fists of Blood

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A.K.A. "Strike of the Panther"

Jason Blade is a man who can't bring himself to commit fully to his woman, and who spends all his time with a special crime task force taking on assignments to fight crime and right wrong do-ers. When his love is kidnapped by his arch-enemy the race is on to get into the power station where she is being held and battle an army of ninjas. Only then can he face Baxter, his arch-enemy, and stop a bomb from exploding to save his sweetheart, and show her that he is a man. A man who can commit. A man who is strong.


Release Date: 1987
Run Time: 90 minutes
Rating:  Unrated
Starring:   Eddie Stazak, John Stanton, Paris Jefferson
Director:   Brian Trenchard-Smith


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