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Crimes of Passion
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Crimes of Passion

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Married to a frigid woman, Bobby Grady’s marriage is in crisis. To make extra money he accepts a job to working the night shift for the owner of a fashion design studio who believes that his talented designer, Joanna, is selling his designs to competitors. Bobby follows Joanna after hours and discovers that she has a double life, working as a fifty-dollar hooker called China Blue who works the red light district practicing kinky sex with her clients to satisfy their fantasies. Meanwhile the insane preacher Rev. Peter Shayne decides to save Joanna's soul and stalks her everywhere.

Release Date: 1984

Run Time: 101 minutes
Rating:  Urated
Starring: Kathleen Turner, Anthony Perkins, Annie Potts, John Laughlin, Bruce Davison, Norman Burton, Ian Petrella, Gerald S. O'Loughlin
Director:   Ken Russell


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