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Brood, The
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Brood, The

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Dr. Raglan encourages his patients to outwardly manifest their anger and fear, which then takes physical shape as actual sores, cancers, or strange new organs. One of Raglan's more successful patients is Nola, who is undergoing therapy following a painful divorce from her husband, Frank. When Frank discovers evidence that Nola may have injured their daughter, Candice he begins to suspect Raglan's techniques. But he is unprepared for the most horrifying by-product of her rage: a progeny of sexless, dwarflike mutants who are born for the sole purpose of acting out her violent fantasies of revenge. By the time Frank discovers the origins of the tiny offspring, they have already abducted Candice and taken her to the institute, where Frank must confront Nola in person.


Release Date: 1979

Run Time: 92 minutes

Rating: R

Starring: Samantha Eggar, Oliver Reed, Art Hindle, Susan Hogan, Cindy Hinds, Robert A. Silverman, Nuala Fitzgerald, Gary McKeehan

Director: David Cronenberg


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