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Evil Ed
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Evil Ed

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Milktoast film editor Edward Svensson who is busily working on an arty new European 18th-century costume epic filmed ala Ingmar Bergman in indistinct black and white. Edward leads an orderly life and doesn't mind editing this nearly actionless film. Then his employer orders to have him edit a gory series of slice-n-dicers, Loose Limbs-I-IV. With such an endless onslaught of graphic, senseless violence, degradation, and cheesy sex unspooling before him, Edward begins undergoing a few disturbing changes and when he finally emerges from the summer cottage where he has been working he is psychotic-mutilator-of-nubile-women-and-anyone-else-who-moves Evil Ed.


Release Date: 1996

Run Time: 90 minutes

Rating: R

Starring: Johan Ruebeck, Olof Rhodin, Pete Lofbergh

Director: Anders Jacobsson


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