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Strangers killed the daughter of the owner of a ghost-town tourist attraction. As a result the owner bears a serious grudge to those who are his bread and butter. So much so, that when he runs across a crystal that revivifies corpses and turns them into monsters or worse, he uses it on his newly dead daughter. When she is revived, she looks normal, and is able to lure unsuspecting victims to the man's town where he can then chop them up. In this horror thriller, a group of college students on a lark come to the town with predictable results. Fortunately for the hero, the dead girl still has some human feelings left.


Release Date: 1989

Run Time: 96 minutes

Rating: R

Starring: Abigail Wolcott, Ron Palillo, Evan J. Klisser, Carel Trichardt, Petrea Curran, Joanne Ward

Director: William A. Levey



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