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Hudson Hawk
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Hudson Hawk

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The story begins in a pre-credit sequence that takes place in the renaissance. Leonardo Da Vinci invents a machine to turn lead into gold. Realizing the danger of his invention if the contraption gets into the wrong hands, he hides three parts of the apparatus inside three of his other works. Four hundred years later, Hudson Hawk, the world's greatest cat burglar, is being released from jail after pulling a ten-year stretch. He wants to retire from the profession of cat burglary and drink some cappuccino, but two screwball billionaires won't let him. Their nefarious plot is to steal the three Da Vinci works, restore Da Vinci's gold-making machine, and destroy the world's monetary system. They blackmail Hawk into working with them to steal the Da Vincis by threatening the life of His pal Tommy Five-Tone. Along with the power-mad billionaires, Hawk has to deal with the CIA breathing down his neck, and a Vatican art falling for his smirk.


Release Date: 1991

Run Time: 95 minutes

Rating: R

Starring: Bruce Willis, Danny Aiello, Andie MacDowell, James Coburn, Sandra Bernhard, Richard E. Grant, Frank Stallone

Director: Michael Lehmann



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