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Night of a Thousand Cats
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Night of a Thousand Cats

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A reclusive playboy cruises Mexico City in his helicopter, searching for beautiful women. It seems he needs their bodies for his cats who, for some reason, eat only human flesh. He keeps the heads, for some reason, for his private collection. A really odd '70s cannibal cat entry, but it moves along nicely and features some truly groovy fashions (floppy hats, translucent blouses, etc.). Not to be confused with the 1963 film of the same name.


Release Date: 1972

Run Time: 83 minutes

Rating: R

Starring: Anjanette Comer, Zulma Faiad, Hugo Stiglitz, Christa Linder, Teresa Velazquez, Barbara Ange

Director: Rene Cardona



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