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Return of the Living Dead 3
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Return of the Living Dead 3

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This version is the unreleased Unrated cut. All official releases currently contain the "R" rated version.

Curt and Julie are a young couple in love. Curt's father is Col. John Reynolds, a scientist working on a top-secret project at a nearby military compound. When Curt steals his dad's security pass and sneaks Julie into the base, they discover that the project involves bringing corpses back to life using the powerful gas Trioxin. The military hope to use the mindless, flesh-consuming zombies as weapons, but the experiment goes gruesomely awry. Later, Julie is killed in an accident on Curt's motorcycle and the grief-stricken boyfriend brings her to the base and exposes her to the gas. As she begins craving human flesh, Curt must try to keep her alive while also facing down a local street gang he's unintentionally crossed, as well as the soldiers seeking Julie, led by his father.


Release Date: 1993

Run Time: 97 minutes

Rating: Unrated

Starring: Melinda (Mindy) Clarke, Kent McCord, Basil Wallace, J. Trevor Edmond, Fabio Urena

Director: Brian Yuzna


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