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Stuff, The
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Stuff, The

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When a group of miners discovers a mysterious but delicious white substance bubbling up from the earth, a conglomerate markets the gooey, addictive fluff as a dessert. When a new product called "The Stuff" begins eating into the market share of traditional frozen desserts, the dairy industry hires former FBI agent Moe Rutherford to investigate the competition. With the assistance of deposed ice-cream magnate Chocolate Chip Charlie, Rutherford discovers that the substance is actually a sentient entity that takes over its victims' minds while eating away at their bodies from the inside. Meanwhile, young Jason realizes that his family's strange behavior has something to do with the dessert product in their refrigerator that refuses to stay in its carton, and he launches a campaign to destroy the threatening confection. Soon Rutherford and Jason must team up with Nicole Kendall, The Stuff's unwitting advertising mastermind, and Vietnam vet-turned-militia leader Colonel Spears to save America from its own sweet tooth.


Release Date: 1985

Run Time: 93 minutes

Rating: R

Starring: Michael Moriarty, Andrea Marcovicci, Garrett Morris, Paul Sorvino, Danny Aiello, Brooke Adams, Patrick O'Neal, Alexander Scourby, Scott Bloom, James Dixon, Tammy Grimes, Clara Peller, Abe Vigoda

Director: Larry Cohen


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