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Three on A Meathook
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Three on A Meathook

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Billy is a lonely country boy who lives on a remote farm with his overprotective patriarch. Seems that Billy can't be left alone with other people, especially women. He's convinced that he murders them in blind rages that he can't remember. That's exactly what happens when four pretty girls have engine trouble and while staying at the farmhouse each is messily dispatched by an unseen killer. Billy is horrified, and his father chastises him, sending him off to town for supplies while he cleans up the violence. Billy spends a long, soul-searching day trying to come to grips with what he's become, and ends up drowning his sorrows in a nightclub where a terrible psychedelic white soul band plays the same song over and over again. A kindly waitress brings him home after he passes out, and over the course of the next day they fall in love. Her inevitable visit to the farm brings out old hostilities and recriminations from Billy's father, whose drunken belligerence is as threatening as the truth behind Billy's secret.


Release Date: 1972

Run Time: 85 minutes

Rating: Unrated

Starring: Charles Kissinger, James Pickett, Sherry Steiner, Carolyn Thompson

Director: William Girdler


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